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START by identifying the event, relationship or perspective you flipped. Keep it short and sweet, no more than 12 words. Please do not use any names (either individual , organization or company names) or other identifying material. Examples might be:

  • My relationship with my ex-husband
  • Personal thoughts about my weight
  • My perspective on losing my job

Step 1: FEEL
How were you feeling about the situation? Again, keep it short and sweet, no more than 100 words.

Step 2: LISTEN
What were you telling yourself about the situation? (100 words or less please). Remember to check out the list of common thinking pitfalls in the FLIP IT article

What were the facts of the situation? What did you ultimately find that was ‘right’ about the situation?

How did you promote the positive? Did you laugh with yourself? Did you find a sense of relief? Were you grateful? Did you nurture a relationship or perform an act of kindness?

What long term affect did flipping the situation have on your life? Is the relationship better? Did you learn a lesson? Have you changed your behavior in some way? Was there gold to be mined from the FLIP?