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Learn How To FLIP IT!

Download the full FLIP IT! Process

The FLIP IT! Process

‘Flipping’ can be likened to the Aikido term known as tankan, where a person turns her body 180 degrees to blend with an opposing force. This means not just turning your body but completely reversing your energy field. Using your thoughts to transmute your feelings about a situation is as powerful as a martial art!

A complete reversal of energy is the goal…. but a little step each time, slowly and surely, is a simple path to a complete ‘FLIP.’ With practice, you’ll find that situations which look like they’re going to be negative can be resolved in a positive manner. Or if they don’t change, then you’ll find that you have. Either way, the problem ceases to be a problem and instead, becomes a vehicle for increased awareness, learning and creativity.
There are four easy steps to the FLIP IT! process. Let me share them with you so you can begin to transform your life.

FLIP stands for:



BEGIN by identifying an event, relationship or perspective that you want to FLIP. Basically, we want to FLIP any negative, bad-feeling thoughts and savor the positive, good-feeling thoughts.

Step 1: FEEL
The first step is to recognize that you are having a negative thought or are in what might be perceived as a negative situation. Once you ‘catch yourself,’ you can begin the flipping process. To continue with Step 1 click here