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About Us

Our Story

The idea for this blog was birthed through the re-kindling of a life-long friendship between Cindi and Kellie –and a desire to share our inspiration with others. Here is the short version of our story.

Kellie and I had been friends and roommates in college. Kellie has a vivacious, outgoing personality. We stayed fast friends through our marriages, kids and subsequent divorces. Kellie began working at the local University and I entered the realm of corporate America. We drifted apart.

Twenty years later, Kellie contacted me. I had lost my corporate job and was doing part-time recruiting. Kellie, too, had lost her job as marketing director. We met for coffee and commiserated. Then, Kellie began to talk about some of her creative ideas.

She had been doing keynote speeches focused on resilience and the power of the positive workplace. Concurrently, while I was in corporate America, I developed a strong interest in Appreciative Inquiry (Ai), a methodology for change within organizations that focuses on what people are doing well or past positive experiences. Ai is a positive way of solving organizational problems. In addition, I had started a business focused on helping people create more happiness in their lives.

We both wanted to use our passions to make the world a better place and we decided that there was a great opportunity to collaborate. For several months, we worked on different strategies and ideas…then our ah-ha moments arrived! I came up with the FLIP IT! process and Kellie, with her creative marketing skills, came up with the idea for this web site. It was a match made in heaven (on Earth) and you are now reading the result.

This is one just one of our stories. Out of the loss of both of our jobs, we found a way to FLIP IT! – to change the feeling and do something that was really meaningful to both of us. We hope it is meaningful to you as well.

Our goal is to bring a little light into everyone’s life who participates in or reads the FLIP IT! stories. We hope that as you read the stories, you will SMILE. We trust the experiences everyone shares are similar to your own and you can find a way, within the stories and through the FLIP IT! process, to create change in your own life. As we transform our own lives, we transform the world. Our motto is “ change our thoughts, change our lives, change our world.” As Deepak Chopra says:

“Everything we fear in the world and want to change can be transformed through happiness, the simplest desire we have, and also the most profound”

The co-founders of this blog are:

Cindi Bergen

Kellie Branson